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Terms and Conditions

The small print is important too!

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“Us”, “We”, “our”, “Escape Fitness Travel”, “the website” all refer to the business entity, Escape Fitness Travel.
“Holiday Provider” refers to the companies listed on our website, and constitute independent third parties to the website. Escape Fitness Travel is in no way connected with the fulfilment of holiday packages offered by the holiday provider.
“You”, “Your”, “User”, “Website User” all refer to the end user of holiday packages promoted on this site, fulfilled by the holiday providers listed on this site.
“Holiday” refers to any and all of the experiences described on our website, including day trips as well as longer stays.

How it works
The holiday companies listed on Escape Fitness travel are hand-selected by us, as excellent service providers we are happy to promote. These companies, if they choose to accept a listing opportunity with us, enjoy a free trial period (3 months); after this free trial period the holiday company can choose to leave us without any hassle, or they may choose to stay listed for an annual subscription fee. Escape Fitness Travel does not charge a commission on any bookings the holiday provider may make as a result of being listed with us.

What we do
Escape Fitness Travel enables you to find a unique healthy holiday, from a number of holiday providers around the world. We provide a connection service between the users of the website and the companies we have listed on the website. The website is run by fitness & holiday enthusiasts, with the express purpose of promoting various holiday providers that we believe to be the best in the business.

What we don’t do
Escape Fitness Travel does not take bookings or reservations for holidays. We are not a holiday or tour company- we are a website service promoting various holiday companies from around the world. We are a completely independent business that is not financially invested in any way with any of the holiday companies we choose to list. There is no contract for services between the user of the website and Escape Fitness Travel. We do not take your money, bookings and payments are strictly an arrangement between yourself and the holiday company you choose to take your holiday with. We also do not, and never will, charge a commission if you choose to book your holiday with one of the providers on our site.

Accuracy of information
Escape Fitness Travel and are a wholly owned website and brand, operated by Carrie Skinner.

We have taken every care to ensure the information and prices provided on the site are correct and kept up-to-date. However, information may change from time to time and this may not be reflected on the site. It is the responsibility of the holiday provider listed on the website to inform us of any changes, and must allow us up to 14 days to update the listing as necessary. We take no responsibility for inaccuracies presented on the website. It is the website user’s responsibility to confirm holiday package particulars with the holiday provider before booking directly with them.

Holiday descriptions
All descriptions of packages offered by the holiday providers listed on Escape Fitness Travel are based on the opinions of the holiday provider themselves, including previous guest reviews. From time to time, a staff member of Escape Fitness Travel may have the opportunity to visit and review a holiday provider, either at our own cost or as the guest of the holiday provider. Reviews published will remain an independent opinion of Escape Fitness Travel.

Photos for use on the Escape Fitness Travel website are provided by the holiday companies listed, who have the legal right to use the provided photos (either copyright or royalty-free images). Images provided to us carry express permission for reproduction and use for promotional purposes for Escape Fitness Travel. Where a dispute over copyright exists, Escape Fitness Travel claims no responsibility.

Escape Fitness Travel does not take any responsibility in the booking of a holiday. This is a contract between the website user and the holiday provider, separate to us. All deposits, payments, and cancellations are under the terms of the holiday provider.

Each unique holiday provider promoted on the Escape Fitness Travel website may have their own terms & conditions for booking- please refer directly to the company in question before booking your holiday with them.

From time to time, our website may promote special “offers” direct from the companies listed on our site. These special offers do not constitute bookings, but rather are a discount code you may use to secure a discounted quote directly from the holiday provider. Fulfilment of discount vouchers remains at the discretion of the holiday provider.

Holidays are fulfilled by the holiday provider and not Escape Fitness Travel. We make every effort in monitoring the service of the holiday provider, but cannot be held responsible for the holiday providers’ performance or safety standards. Any complaints should be taken directly to the holiday provider as soon as possible to for addressing.

Any liability incurred by the website user caused by the holiday provider’s negligence is not the responsibility of Escape Fitness Travel. We shall not be held liable for any personal injury or death of the website user, recipient or third party while partaking in any activity offered by the holiday provider. Escape Fitness Travel shall not be held liable for any damage to property, loss or expenses suffered by the user while partaking in any holiday experience with a listed holiday provider.

Medical conditions
Not all of the activities and experiences offered on Escape Fitness Travel are suitable for everybody. Participating in the activities offered by the third party holiday providers on the website may be harmful to your health. Seek medical advice and inform the holiday provider if there are any medical/health issues that may affect your ability to partake in holiday packages. All reputable holiday providers of a health & fitness nature should require you to complete a health and lifestyle questionnaire prior to attending their services.

Passports, visa, health requirements
It is your responsibility to make yourself aware of any and all passport, visa or health requirements before booking with a holiday provider.

Escape Fitness Travel recommends a comprehensive travel insurance policy for any holiday taken. Many of the companies listed on our site may require proof of travel insurance before partaking in their holiday packages.

Escape Fitness Travel cannot be held liable for any arrangements you have made for your holiday, as all bookings are made independent of us and directly with the holiday provider.

Use of Images
Images shown on the Escape Fitness Travel website have been sourced from the holiday providers listed on our site. We have express permission to use these images from the holiday providers, along with statements the images are either legally owned by them or sourced from a royalty-free stock source. Images are used with good faith. We cannot be held responsible for any copyright infringement for any image on our site. If you believe an image on our site is being misused or violates copyright laws, please contact us so that we can clarify the situation immediately.



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