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Ride Marmotte – Your Tour de France Dream

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Ride Marmotte – Your Tour de France Dream

The Marmotte Granfondo Sportive is the sportive that will test your limits and give you a flavour of what it is like to ride in the Tour de France, the most famous bike race in the world. Marmotte is a 174 kms of ride through the French Alps over four of the most famous cols regularly used in the tournament: Glandon, Télégraphe, Galiber, and Alpe d’Huez. The latter featuring 21 hairpin bends!

Gradients vary but parts of the course are 10%+. You may have ridden sportives of similar length, but until you ride at higher altitudes you will never really have a Tour de France experience. Marmotte sportive is the toughest alpine sportive, and if you can ride it you can probably ride any cycling challenge that you wish.

Riding the French Alps

The mountain route of Marmotte is something that has to be experienced. The French Alps has a spectacular beauty that has to be savoured. The mountain air is crisp and clean. The views awe inspiring especially when the sound of the chainring can be heard mingling with the natural alpine environment.
Riding at altitude is more difficult than riding at near sea level. Overall, you will climb 2000 metres as you ascend the great cols and descend into long valleys. It has to be said the descents are thrilling on Marmotte.

Peloton of Thousands

Every year 7500 amateur cyclists ride Marmotte Granfondo. This gives the big event a ‘big event’ feel. You can’t fail but be swept away by the sea of riders in all directions, and you will find that you will want to do well as you ride off from the start line and take on the first col. When you reach the end, you will feel elated and have a strong feeling of accomplishment. You will have earned a celebratory beer for sure.

Riding with the Greats

As well as the splendour of the event you will also realise that you are riding the same roads as some of the best riders ever to have lived. Sean Kelly, Bradley Wiggins, Chris Froome, and Alberto Contador, have all ridden the Marmotte sportive cols, and you will appreciate just how good they are as you ascend and descend your way to the finish line.

Riding Marmotte

Our Marmotte sportive tour not only supports you while you ride the sportive, we also take care of your registration into the event and your accommodation. All you have to do is turn up and ride.
To ensure you are riding the next Marmotte Granfondo Alpes, simply follow this link: Marmotte sportive. You will have one of the best cycling experiences on Earth, and you will want to do it again a year later.

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