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YOUR Frequently asked questions answered by us!

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What is Escape Fitness Travel?

Escape Fitness Travel is a website that promotes healthy holidays and activities from all over the world. All of the companies featured on our site are independent operators; we just bring lots and lots of options to the attention of the website user.

Who is behind Escape Fitness Travel?

The head honcho is Carrie Skinner, a health and fitness obsessed Aussie who always packs her runners into her travel bag whenever she heads off on holidays. Carrie has a strong and supportive team of equally obsessed health and holiday fans who are integral to the running of the website.

Between us, we’ve tried everything from skydiving to marathons to scuba diving to step aerobics to hiking to ice skating, and we’ve travelled everywhere from Borneo to Norway to Australia to Egypt, and everywhere in between. We’ve backpacked it, roughed it, and camped it, but we’ve also travelled in style and in true 5 star luxury.

What does it cost to use the website?

The website is (and always will be) FREE to use. You can search for your perfect healthy holiday and contact the holiday provider directly through their own website or through an enquiry form with us. It does not cost you anything extra if you find your perfect holiday through us.

Ok I’ve found a perfect holiday – now what do I do?

Excellent! What you do now is hit the ‘enquire now’ button which sends an email directly to the holiday operator to let them know you are interested in one of their holidays. It also sends an email to us at HQ so we can follow up to make sure you’ve received all the information you require to make your decision. Alternatively, you can head on over to the holiday provider’s own website (the link is on their listing on our site) so you can have a better snoop around them before deciding if you want to book with them.

Why doesn’t Escape Fitness Travel take bookings?

We facilitate users of the website connecting with independent holiday providers, but do not take payment, bookings or reservations. This is because many of the holiday providers offer a very unique, personal, bespoke service, and the provider will often want to talk directly with you to gather additional information before booking. We do keep a record if you have hit the ‘enquire now’ button and may follow up with both you and the holiday provider to ensure the communication was received and your query answered with full professional courtesy.

Am I fit enough for a healthy holiday?

Generally speaking, yes! While some of the holiday options may require a certain level of fitness (for example hiking up Everest Base Camp), in general most of the ideas presented are about enjoying your journey into health and fitness, no matter what level you are currently at. If you are concerned, then contact the holiday provider directly to find out the fitness requirements for their retreat.

What does a typical day on a fitness holiday look like?

Each provider on our site offers their own unique retreat, but typically a day will include several hours of activities, lots of delicious and nutritious food, free time for relaxation/exploration/massages. Other inclusions may be nutrition education or counselling, fitness testing, or even a Vespa ride in the countryside.

I’m travelling solo – is this a problem?

Not at all. We understand that taking a health or fitness themed active holiday isn’t for everyone,and that you may be choosing to travel on your own. Each holiday provider has their own terms & conditions with regards to solo travellers. Typically, you will be in twin-share accommodation with someone of the same gender, and groups often become fast friends-for-life during the retreat. Some providers may offer a single room, which may attract a supplement on top of the holiday price- request this information before booking.

I went on an awesome holiday – I think they should be on your website, can I recommend them?

Absolutely! We love hearing about companies that are doing a brilliant job, and if that fit our ethos of offering fabulous healthy holidays or activities, then we’d be delighted to consider them for inclusion on our site. Visit our Recommend page to let us know who, and why you are recommending.

My company offers healthy holidays or awesome days out – how can I get onto the Escape Fitness Travel site?

If you are in the business of offering great breaks with great service, then we’d love to consider you for inclusion on our site. We are not simply a ‘pay and be listed’ site; we offer a free trial listing period to companies we feel fit with our ethos, with no obligation to continue your listing afterwards. Visit our Advertise page to let us know who you are and why you should be considered

for inclusion on our site.

Are you going to spam me?

No! We don’t like spam any more than you do, so we promise never to sell or share your personal information. Contact from us at Escape Fitness Travel will always be in reference to healthy holidays, and you can remove yourself from our list at any time. See our Privacy Policy for more details.

The holiday on your site is different to the one on an independent website- why is this?

While we strive to keep the information on our website accurate and up-to-date, we are also at the mercy of the holiday providers keeping us updated of any changes to their offering. If you feel that our website does not reflect the offering of a particular provider accurately,   please inform us and we will investigate this as soon as possible.

I just had a holiday with one of the providers listed on your site – can I send a review?

Of course! We’d love to feature honest, independent reviews from our site visitors. Just contact us and let us know which provider you’d like to review.

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