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What exactly is Escape Fitness Travel?

Welcome to Escape Fitness Travel – showcasing healthy, active, adventure, wellbeing, and fitness holidays from around the world.

Escape Fitness Travel is run by health and fitness enthusiast, Carrie Skinner. For Carrie, holidays are a mix of adventure, activity, relaxation and ‘going off the beaten track’. As well as the more active pursuits such as hiking Everest Base Camp, walking the Camino de Santiago, scuba diving in Indonesia, and hosting fitness retreats in Spain, Carrie also recognises that a day on the beach with a good book has its place. As does a good massage and a cocktail served in a pineapple.

Escape Fitness Travel highlights a unique collection of healthy holiday providers from around the world, helping you to find your ideal holiday or short break.

The idea for Escape Fitness Travel was born when, year after year, Carrie spent absolutely AGES researching her perfect trip, going from website to website, review to review, and basically going around the bend with information overload.

So Escape Fitness Travel is a collection of healthy holiday ideas from around the world. There is something for everybody, from cooking to sailing to walking to adventuring to luxury spa’ing to yoga to cycling to personal training to nightlife to serenity. Our healthy holiday experts are ‘constantly reviewing and adding new holiday ideas: we know what to look for and bring only the best companies in the business to our site.

If you pack your runners into your suitcase on every holiday, then this website is for you!



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Australian born-and-bred, Carrie grew up playing and competing in netball, tennis, athletes…pretty much anything that was on offer she’d try! After completing a Business degree, she took on the life of a backpacker and travelled through over 15 countries in two years, finally settling in the stunningly beautiful and friendly Cork City, Ireland. Next, Carrie qualified as a fitness instructor and established her own small personal training business, completed a Masters in Public Health, and adopted a little stray kitten, Sir Henry.

Carrie has a passion for all things health and fitness. She is as likely to be found careening downhill on a mountain bike as she is crossing the finish line of a marathon, as likely to be found 30m under water with the sharks as she is 5000m in the air on top of a mountain, and everything in between. Carrie’s latest challenge is getting enough free time to enjoy a round of golf, of which she is not good at but thoroughly enjoys.

Carrie starts her morning with a short fast run and an egg blended into her coffee.

Carrie Skinner

Carrie Skinner

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